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Individual Coaching


Tara Nolan, MCC
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You matter. Who you are is how you show up. Disrupt you & invite change, the change you want.

Coaching is first of all a relationship. Together we will relate & discover you the person. Coaching is also a conversation, a dialogue between people to unearth what is meaningful, to yield the thinking that serves. I will partner with you, provide the presence & proficiency needed for you to transform. Expect to be challenged, championed and to co-create with me.. Simply put I use a conversational framework that invites change. You will leave each session with a renewed sense of purpose, clarity and ease.


  • Individual Welcome session
  • Contracting session 90 mins
  • 6*90 min sessions
  • Psychometrics used if required

Tara Nolan, MCC
Tara is credentialed by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as a Master Certified Coach (MCC). She is certified a Newfield Ontological Coach and Mentor Coach. She has been a faculty member of the Irish Management Institute Coach Training Program where she served as an assessor and a faculty member. Tara is certified as a Gestalt Coach and Time to Think Coach. She is also a Master Systemic Team Coach and offers Team Coach Supervision. Tara has worked with Leaders and Coaches from across the globe.

Individual Coaching

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