B y employing the right kind of question, open, curious, slightly provocative questions at times but never judgemental, I can have a meaningful dialogue with different people. The questions I ask slip under and around the barriers between people which makes it easier to illicit the new and different. I work to get at the hard truths and challenges that people need to overcome to get to the change they want.

Sometimes it’s simple, sometimes its messy, but its a process thats designed to get there.

I must believe in the other. I don’t believe in settling, or pandering to mediocrity. I want more for my clients.

My purpose is to help my clients get out of their own way. The kinds of questions I routinely ask include “What can you do differently?”” What is truly worth doing, whether you fail or succeed? ““Is there something else you want to want, other than you have been told to want?”

Put simply or maybe evocatively,

My questions serves as a lever to pry open the stuck lid on a can of paint.

But it’s not opening the can for the sake of opening it, it’s about opening the can to release what’s stuck inside. A future, a new emerging thought or idea a whole host of possiblity